Tents For Under $50 Dollars

Finding the right kind of equipment for your needs can be a challenge especially if you are spending within a certain budget that you do not want to go over.

While most camping equipments are pricey, others are downright cheap! But cheap does not necessarily translate to being low-quality. If you know where to look and what to look for, you will find something that is within your budget.

In this article, we will describe some of the tents that are available for just under 50 bucks. Yes, my friends. 50 dollars! You must be thinking I’m crazy for considering a tent for that amount.

The Mountain Trails Current Dome is a tent that costs just under $50, $34.99 to be exact. It has a fly that is removable with mesh roof vents so that air can circulate in and out of your temporary shelter. It has a fiberglass frame that is shock corded. It is easy to set-up because of the pole pockets.

The tent is also very light and compact which is perfect for hiking trips or backpacking activities. It weighs only 1.59 kilograms which is very lightweight. The floor is padded with the use of welded polyethylene so that moisture cannot seep through.

This temporary shelter has an area of 30 square feet which is capable of accommodating two campers. It has a base size of 6 feet X 5 feet. The height in the center is 3.16 feet.

The color is basic blue and white, very classic colors that never go out of style with an orange top which adds a splash of color to the whole look of the tent.

You really do not have to spend so much money if you want a good quality tent. If you will only be camping in the woods or at the beach then this would be the perfect for you. More expensive ones are designed for extreme weather conditions such as snow (for those who hike on extreme, snowy mountains)

Just make sure that the product is waterproof and that the frames are sturdy enough to withstand the wind and rain. Check out the material and the stitching of the product so that you will learn of the product’s quality.

There are so many tents that are available for just under fifty (50) dollars. You can find them online or on local shops that sell them. Other online stores offer free shipping as well.


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